Stunning sunsets a source of harmony

Stunning sunsets a source of harmony

Rubie Gibson, Reporter

In my opinion sunsets are beautiful, relaxing and even inspirational.

What is a sunset? “A sunset, also known as sundown, is the daily disappearance of the Sun below the horizon due to Earth’s rotation. As viewed from everywhere on Earth, the equinox Sun sets due west at the moment of both the spring and autumn equinoxes.”

Why are sunsets so special and important? They are so special because you can see them anywhere you go. They come out a lot of the time. They tend to get pink and blue and even sometimes purple or red. They can be all sorts of colors. In my opinion they just make me happy, I can go look at a sunset and it takes all my stress away and it even makes me happy.

A good quote for sunsets would be, “Sunset is so marvelous that even the sun itself watches it every day in the reflections of the infinite oceans!” Many psychological effects that sunsets relieve stress.

Although some people may not like sun sets for various reasons: it can give people anxiety and even makes them upset, maybe its because it makes them think of a loved one.