Top 10 most beautiful places the world made


Jacob White, Reporter

10. Acadia National Park, Maine. From rocky shorelines shrouded in mist to conifer-cloaked mountainsides, Acadia is a wild place of sea, stone, and forest. Visitors flock here to hike, fish, climb, camp, and experience the end-of-the-world feel in New England’s only national park.

9. Okavango Delta, Botswana. The mighty Okavango, the largest inland delta in the world, is a vast network of winding waterways, salt islands, and animal-attracting lagoons. Navigating through reed-studded channels in a mokoro (traditional canoe) and spotting hippos, leopards, and elephants is one of the world’s great travel experiences for nature lovers.

8. Grand Canyon, Arizona. First-time views of Grand Canyon occur at either Mather Point or Yavapai Point. Mather Point is situated at just over 7,000 feet elevation and is named after the park’s first superintendent, Stephen Mather. Visitors will be awe-struck by the view before them.

7. Torres del Paine National Park, Chile. There’s no better way to experience Patagonia’s rugged natural beauty than in Torres del Paine National Park. The UNESCO Biosphere Reserve is home to its namesake granite towers as well as sparkling lagoons and otherworldly glaciers — the park’s Perito Moreno Glacier is part of the third-largest ice cap in the world.

6. Whitehaven Beach, Australia. Arguably one of the loveliest shores in the world. Part of Australia’s Whitsunday Coast, the star attraction is remarkable for its amazing combination of pure silica sands and vivid blue-green waters.

5. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia. The world’s largest salt flat covers 4,000 square miles of Bolivian altiplano. In the dry season, it’s an endless white sheet of salt tiles made all the more dazzling by clear, sunny skies. November through March, regular rains create a mirror effect that merges lake and sky. No matter when you see it, Salar de Uyuni is one of the most captivating sights on earth.

4. Lake Eyre, Australia. Officially known as Kati Thanda–Lake Eyre, is an endorheic lake in east-central Far North South Australia, some 700 km (435 mi) north of Adelaide. When the lake is full, it has the same salinity level as seawater, but becomes hyper-saline as the lake dries up and the water evaporates.

3. Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. Also known as Mosi-oa-Tunya, the world’s greatest sheet of falling water and significant worldwide for its exceptional geological and geomorphological features and active land formation processes with outstanding beauty attributed to the falls i.e. the spray, mist, and rainbows.

2. Mosquito Bay, Puerto Rico island of Vieques. Better known as Bioluminescent Bay, is a tranquil, warm, shallow bay on the southern shore of the Puerto Rico island of Vieques. The bay is world famous for its extreme bioluminescence, declared as the brightest in the world. It is the only bay in Puerto Rico where swimming is allowed, and it adds to the magical experience of the kayak tour

1. Peyto Lake, Canada. Peyto Lake is a popular Canadian hotspot thanks to accessibility by car, easy access to elevated view, countless Instagram pictures and overall popularity of Banff National Park. The lake itself is near the Ice fields Parkway. It was named for Bill Peyto, an early trail guide and trapper in the Banff area.