The brave, bold Beebe

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Barbara Anne Beebe was born on September 17, 1968. Beebe grew up mostly in Corry, PA her whole life. Throughout Beebe’s years of teaching she said she had enjoyed watching her students learn more and more efficiently throughout her years of teaching. Beebe also mentioned that she only has three or five more years of teaching before she retires.

In Beebe’s free time she enjoys photography. When asked what Mrs. Beebe’s favorite color was she said, “My favorite color would probably be green and black because I find the colors amusing to me.” She also stated that her favorite food would mostly be potatoes and chocolate.

When I had asked Mrs. Beebe what her favorite book was she had said her favorite book was “Bridge to Terabithia,” but she also mentioned that she really likes just about any book.

To conclude getting to know Mrs. Beebe, her perfect date is April 25, because “It’s not too hot and it’s not too cold.”